Civil Services Journal

“Life is not about waiting for the right moment; it is all about creating one for you”

Civil services journal- a Marathi magazine is newly introduced in the competitive world by the auspicious hands of Maharashtra’s Ex- chief election commissioner Mrs. Neela Satyanarayan, in February 2016.

Every monthly issue of this magazine brings in the best and burning topics of the month, along with current happenings, spotlight, gist of all subjects. Information about eminent personalities in various fields, news bits storming in and out of state and country. Past question paper set with complete solution and tricks. It also contains bilingual practice question paper set off all subjects. A value addition ‘editorial column’ is reserved for officers to share their views and experiences.

This journal is more popular in aspirants, for a space named as ‘students corner’ which allows our students to express themselves.

Our editorial board and the team of qualified authors take painstaking efforts to present monthly issues, keeping in view the requirement of aspirants which will equip them with the knowledge to face the grueling battle of the various competitive exams.

‘Civil service journal gives you the regular power to master your career and shape your destiny intelligently.’

Study Festival

In the history of competitive examination in Maharashtra, SGIAS is been the very first institution to organize such programs for the students who are seeking for the government job. It’s been the most innovative concept and has been praised by many well-known personalities who belong to this field.

This program is organized in all the four branches of the institute i.e. Atigre, Kolhapur, Jaysingpur, Sangli in the month of the December. It is a 22days program starting from morning 8 am to evening 6 pm, 220 hrs. of lecture and study. Experts of respective subjects talk about History, Geography, Economy, Polity, Human Rights, Science, Environment, C-SAT, Current Affairs, etc. This helped a lot to students to understand the content. Besides this 10 question paper sets containing more than 2200 questions of different subjects is provided and later been discussed.

This high degree programme has had equipped our students with knowledge needed to successfully coordinate and intentionally plan their remaining days for approaching exam.

Students at the institutes reach in a vibrant, welcoming environment with broad skills such as formulating policy and planning for future, as well as developing your abilities in research, time management and strategy formulation.

Sou. Sushila danchand ghodawat scholarship exam

“Scholarship is to be created not by compulsion, but by awakening a pure interest in knowledge.”

Aspirants who are willing to take up government job as their career through means of competitive examination, who have enough capability, and are ready for hard work are taken back just because of their financial conditions. Hence to fulfil the dreams of such needy and budding native students a scholarship examination named ‘Sou. Sushila Danchand Ghodawat scholarship’ has been started since June 2017. Providing access to education through scholarship is important as you assist students in realizing their dreams.

This scholarship exam is started in the memory of late Sou Sushila Danchand Ghodawt mother of industrialist Mr.Sanjay Ghodawat with the intention to help the budding students who cannot afford the fees of competitive classes. Near about 100 students are selected through an exam based on the preliminary syllabus of MPSC and a final interview. The first three rankers are felicitated with books and token of love .Rest all the students are awarded with scholarship certificates. This not only providing financial support for our student’s education, but an investment for their bright future.

This exam is held in the month of June. Registration should be done before 31st of May. This concept was brought into existence by the director Mr Mahesh Thorwe under the guidance of the chairman Mr Sanjay Ghodawat and trustee Mr Vinayak Bhosale.


“The power of the human will to compete and the drive excel beyond the bodies normal capability is most beautifully demonstrated in the arena of sport and cultural.”

Civil services examination is really tough and a fierce competition with minimal chances of success, it is only your ‘strength to success,’ that helps you sail though. This endurance to success is achieved with a strong mind in a strong body. As truly said sport is a practice that binds humanity together and it is the medium to achieve wellness and it has the power to provide health assurance at zero cost. Keeping this in mind SGIAS celebrates Bureaukraft with great enthusiasm which included both indoor and outdoor games.

Culture is to be a dynamic, challenging and independent force based on the freedom of expression. It promotes to develop their creative ability, quality and artistic renewal accessibility. This paved way for our students to expose their hidden talent though solo and group performance. Prize distribution ceremony is held on 1st October which is celebrated as anniversary day. Certificate for winners as well as participants along with a rolling trophy to the branch who wins the general championship is given.

It not about competition and exercise, but involves learning, having good time, regulating social behavior and creating a feeling of belonging towards each other. Both sport and cultural have a tremendous contribution in strengthening the individual and developing society as a whole.


“There is no force more powerful than a women determined to rise”- Kiran Bedi.

Historical data signified that women have many roles in civilization since ancient time and these roles are changing over the period many factor that rationalize the magnitude of India’s ancient culture is the respectable place granted to women.

Identifying the talented young rural Indian girls and guiding then properly to choose their career by providing an opportunity for the shortlisted ones, Sanjay Ghodawat Institute for Administrative services has started a new program named ‘Adhikarani’- a women’s talent hunt competition on account of women’s day from 8th march 2018.

Today is a day to celebrate womanhood and on that being a woman entails. It is not wrong to say that woman is under represented in all fields. Hence to break this tradition SGIAS, through a program launched as ‘Adhikarini’, a test designed as per the syllabus of state services, 200 marks questions on history, geography, economy, polity, science, human rights, environment, C-SAT, current affairs. After this exam, personality test is conducted through which top 3 rankers are rewarded with a cash prize and certificate. Rest all the participants are also presented with participation certificate. This felicitation program is done by the hands of eminent lady officers from various fields.

Spardha Pariksha Sanmelan

“So every day, we can regenerate ourselves and try to realize our hidden potential. Why not regards everyday as a goldmine, and try to extract the gold it has in store for us?”

This beautiful quote written by great thinker Paul Zwolla; when related to literature can be written as… As we repeatedly study our books we get a new meaning every time. To put it in words we get a new insight into what is written. Looking at things in a different way can be developed by constant practice. This is called regeneration.

Based on all India Marathi literary conference, we at SGIAS campus had a eye witnessing fist of its kind in western Maharashtra ‘competitive literary conference’ it was very honoring to have eminent personalities from different arenas as key note speakers.

Parents and students of all age groups enjoyed this conference as all were fed with open discussion, debate, interview, presentation, speeches and book exhibition. This has left a major impact by developing critical thinking and for understanding the core of competitive world.


“Your knowledge, your experience and your learning will positively result into something good. Always be a good learner of new experience.”

We at SGIAS give our students live experience from officers desk. Our students witness live demonstration of daily work delivered by different officer’s right from the top level to the grass root level. (That is from district collector, DC, SP, DYSP, CEO, revenue officers, income tax officers till talati)

This flagship filed program acknowledges our students to strengthen their dreams and goals of becoming, courageous, responsible and loyal officers towards the citizens of our beloved country.

Aspirants Club

“This innovative program is designed to foster curiosity, creativity and imagination in young minds.”

Various activities are held to computational thinking, fast and adaptive reading, learning and writing techniques, which are a prerequisite for any competitive examination. The solo and team participations have brought out the leadership skills, it has created a positive change which has energized and inspired to facet their multidimensional personality.

Aspirants club is very much appreciated among students as it has made them to enhance knowledge skill sets which will assist them to probe situation, develop character, and promote better relationship which are required to address the physical and social needs of the society.

We at SGIAS are continuously striving to mold our students in making them modern, rebellious, broad minded, meticulous citizens who are capable in solving the problems confronting the country, irrespective wherever they stand, within or without civil services.

This activity conducted every Saturday apart from daily schedule has encouraged our students to focus and find a ‘New self’ within them.


“If you do not get the desired result, then don’t get disheartened, never stop learning. Think what you have achieved till now. Apart from selection, what matters the most is what you have gained so far.”

This is a moral lesson learnt by our students from proven people from all walks of life. This innovative programme is held through open dialogue, speeches and one to one question answer sessions.

This robust conversation between proven people and our students is achieved as a stress buster, motivator, and by refueling their mind and heart with positivity to stay focused on the aim desired.

Our students are great fortunate to have a conversation with excellent and deserving officers like Nella Satyanarayan, Shayam Deshpande, Laxmikant Deshmukh, Shekhar Gikwad, Indrajeet Deshmukh etc.



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